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Our facilities are the same standard as US and European infant care facilities, thereby offering children a safe, comfortable environment.

We insist giving children the environment needed to grow, we provide a children-oriented growing space. The center's construction materials comply with the government's "Incombustibility Test of Interior Finish Materials" standards. We believe that a quality environment and joyous interaction with people help the children to discover the beginning of their unique development.

This is a legally registered, professional infant care center with an environment designed for the growth and learning of babies. We offer small classes, attentive infant care, where nursing teachers and professional kindergarten teachers will look after your baby. Each class requires advanced registration. Since attentive care is provided, the number of vacancies in each class is limited, therefore we will reserve vacancies for those who have registered in advance in accordance with the parents' needs and order of registration. We will also apply for theNT3,000 nursing subsidy on behalf of families conforming to the criteria. The subsidy is transferred directly by the government to a post office account designated by the parents.

[ Opening hours ]

During opening hours, parents are free to choose when they want to drop off and pick up their kids, therefore their work will not be affected.

Make an appointment for a visit

In order to maintain the health and nursing quality of the babies, please make an appointment in advance should you wish to visit the center, thank you for your cooperation.

The most professional infant care center for children between 0 and 3 years old.


Roughly 10 months old.

Green Earth Class

Roughly 10~16 months old.

   Blue Sky    Class

16 mo. to 2 years old.

White Cloud Class

2~3 years old.

Charlotte – Giving you peace of mind

[ Growth record ]

We document in detail your baby's physiological observations everyday and his growth and health care records are documented on a weekly basis. Furthermore, we regularly provide photos and growth record videos for the parents.

[ Building safety ]

The building passes annual public safety inspections and fire safety inspections, we are also covered by public liability insurance.

Designed specifically for babies between 0~1 year old, the high quality, peaceful environment allows the baby to enjoy the best sleep quality. During this stage, the baby is learning how to crawl and stand, so we have created a spacious and safe environment where the baby can walk and play freely without worrying about him getting hurt. The baby's bathroom is equipped with anti-slip installation and anti-slip baby bathtubs so that he can bath with peace of mind.Babies are fed at bumbo chairs with soft cushions and seat back design to provide soft back support, so that the baby can sit comfortably and eat safely. When the infants are sick, in order to prevent cross-contamination, the center is equipped with a sick children's isolation area to let babies rest with peace of mind. The center's sleeping area features a 24h digital surveillance system to allow the babies to grow up in the safest environment possible.

Designed for babies between 1~3 years old. Children at this stage have abundant energy and they are developing all the characteristics at an astonishing rate. For them, they need direct and substantial brain development stimuli, which can be learnt in everyday life and group environment. The area is equipped with various teaching aids to create a diversified learning environment. Infants receive information and learn through visual and aural stimuli, in turn fostering their sensory integration. The open space also endows the children with an unrestrained environment to develop freely.


You can keep track of your child's growth at anytime!

Our digital communication method enables diversified communications. We document your baby's activities and provide photos of your baby on a daily basis, so that the parents can keep track of their babies' health conditions and preserve the precious moments of their daily lives.



Parents can keep an eye on their babies at anytime.

The center features live video conferencing system where the parents can simply log in to monitor their babies' every move at anytime. Don't you hope that you can keep an eye on your little ones at anytime?