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  • The most preeminent and professional legal infant care center in the East District

  • This is the first government sanctioned infant care center in Tainan City featuring qualified babysitters and a five-star educational environment. The center's courses are especially designed to facilitate infants between 0~3 years old to develop their potential by offering them a growing environment with love and care just like at home. At Charlotte Infant Care Center, we believe each child should have his unique development process, and we must respect each infant's individual needs to help them grow and learn. We do not concentrate in helping the children to achieve predetermined learning goals; rather, we place our emphasis on facilitating the children to find their personal learning goals through collaboration between teachers and parents.

    We work with experts from various fields and invest much time in observing children's lifestyles and needs at home, hoping to design a safe, pleasant environment to accompany the children through each stage of growth such as learning how to speak and walk. Although parents may not be able to watch over their children all the time, they can choose a safe, loving environment for them.

  • Let children grow up in an elegant, peaceful, safe and comfortable environment.

  • Maggie Huang, the founder of Charlotte Infant Care Center, is also a mother of two. Inspired by Dr. HsingChi von Bergmann's child education philosophies, after she gave birth to her two children, she decided to quit managing her overseas business and commit herself to researching infant education.

    In 2010, she founded Charlotte Infant Care Center with a heart full of enthusiasm. Charlotte is also the English name of her eldest daughter. She founded the professional infant care center to look after her child and to care and love for other people's children as though they were her own. Look around, perhaps you may discover the adorable Charlotte in the center.


  • Provide the most attentive pampering for each baby


  • Charlotte's professional infant care offers you peace of mind and endows children with more confidence.

  • Each babysitter at Charlotte is a carefully chosen, legally registered professional; we sincerely enjoy looking after the children everyday, and we rigorously demand that babysitters let children feel a sense of safety and trust, because providing them with peace of mind is our priority. We offer individual child care by looking after their health, regular eating habit and giving them a happy learning environment, so that the children can learn and explore as much as they can during games. In our infant care and education program, your child will learn the following:

  1. In our environment, children can fully appreciate and learn, listen, speak, read, write in Chinese and English.
  2. We listen to what the children have to say and hold conversations with them, so that her/his opinions can be respected and responded to.
  3. When children propose new thinking or suggestions, we will offer them recognition and praise his/her thinking ability.
  4. We will cultivate the children's judgment and comprehension towards humor, as well as their senses for playing with other children.
  5. When your children is afraid, frustrated, shy, restless, hurt or upset, we will treat them with compassion, console them and offer them guidance.
  6. We provide children with encouragement and try to cooperate and communicate with them in order to gain mutual respect. By learning to share with others, they will understand the importance of working with others as a team.
  7. We will offer children encouragement and guide them to cultivate their problem solving ability and learn diverse logic thought.
  8. We teach children due rationality and a sensible code of conduct.
  9. When children display inappropriate behavior, we will guide them in the right direction and give them fair treatment and consistent guidance.
  1. We share conversations with the children to help them comprehend teachers' learning instructions or event announcements, in turn assisting them to learn to listen and cultivate patience.
  1. We accompany the children to cultivate trust and self-esteem. Research indicates that children who receive an abundant level of trust will in turn generate self-affirmation.
  1. We encourage the children to make choices under certain circumstances and decide on the things or directions they prefer.
  2. We provide a refined, courteous environment that allows the children and those around them feel comfortable and confident.
  1. We give children an opportunity to learn emotional management, cultivate steady emotion and thereby develop good interpersonal relationships.